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I have used BMG for 3 years, while not to happy with pricing and would usually try and wait for a promotion in the mail. In addition to medication I had to travel well over an hour to get to the clinic and pay $15 an hour for parking. The Philadelphia BMG office closed and then I was told I did not have to go to the office that I would participate on a special program and would deal with the office in NJ by phone. I was not happy to learn I was... Read more

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I have never in my entire life dealt with such nasty, rude, lack of education women. I'm planning to start a legal action against her. She doesn't have manners to treat the clients of the Medical Group and of course much less to bacome a manager. My name: Victor Gorodischer. I can be reached by email at: For thre consecutive days I've been trying to contact the Center to have an appointment with the Dr. Abrams and his assistant... Read more

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I went to the Manhattan office. Very dirty. Rude staff, especially the doctor. The doctor had a hearing problem or couldn't understand English. I m not sure. All he kept doing was insisting that I needed testosterone shots. When I refused he said I was wasting his time. His time, I was the one paying $195 for the visit. What an A hole. They wanted like $1500 for testosterone shots and another $1000 for injections for my ***. I would... Read more

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I have worked for BMG. They advertise over 20 clinics, but in reality only have 8 operational. This is primarily due to cash flow issues, poor patient management and poorly managed business. Senior management are not licensed doctors...they hire doctors and attempt to train them on the "selling" and procedural technique. The person that does the training is not licensed. They have "sales people" they like to call medical advisors. Their job... Read more

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I first went to Boston Medical about 4 years ago. I had good results with the formula, but the customer service in-office was atrocious. Anyone who has been to one of the BMG centers knows that the doctor (never more than one) on-site are really just there as window treatment. If you have questions (and you should) you are stuck asking general staff members (with no medical degree mind you) questions about ED. Disconcerting and uncomfortable to... Read more

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In spite of all of the complaints, I was doing fine with Boston Medical until they recently changed pharmacies. They told me that my last shipment was "a more powerful formulation", and I would only need to use 17 units (instead of the usual 25). The 17 units had no effect of any kind, so they told me to go back to 25. When that didn't work either, they said go to 35, and then 50. When even the 50 units had little effect, I had no choice but to... Read more

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I went to the New York City office and I too was ripped off. They took my $800.00 in advance and said they would first put me on a trial and if it worked consistently then the future doses were to be given. It worked for about 5 minutes then it didn't. I started to get burning sessions and told him. He brushed me off thereafter and never returned my calls. When I was able to reach him he said he submitted the documents for the refund that never... Read more

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I have an appoinment there on may 17 i ask them how good are they on a scale one through a hundred they told me a hundred so is it the product that dont work or is it the rude staff because i will like to know befor i go to the appointment and give them my 195 for something thats not wroth it somebody please lwt me know

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They just want to sell you the medication and take your money. You can go to a compound pharmacy and get it for $200 bucks. If you already went to the clinic you have the right to ask for a written prescription...Take it to compound pharmacy! they can not deny to write it, that is against the law!!!! If you request a refund keep calling and threaten them by suing them, that usually gets them to sign that refund check over quick! they do not care... Read more

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Went to an appointment and was given a shot for ED treatment. I felt I was in a production assembly line. The product worked for me. I would prefer to take the dose by mouth not through a needle in my private part. It has been almost 2 month and they have not called me to follow up and see if I am interested in joining the plan. Feels like they just want to take the money for that day. It's not worth the hassle. Read more

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