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Boston Medical Group

11900 W Olympic Blvd

Suite 540

Los Angeles, CA


Boston Medical Group,

I am writing you out of frustration and from my perspective being given the run around. My first visit to BMG in November 2018 was something I really looked forward to since the Rave in marketing and on the phone with BMG customer service stated 100% positive results.

When arriving with my girlfriend we met with Dr ????? in his office where he explained how important Dancing, Walking and going to Church together were essential to a good healthy relationship. Once this part of our visit was over we were asked to join DR???? in another room where no medical history or medication was discussed.

My health is as follows:

1)Type 2 Diabetes

2)Diabetic retinopathy with visual impairment

3)Severe diabetic neuropathy with chronic legs pain and balance issue’s

4)Diabetic neuropathy resulting in end stage renal disease

5)As a result I require daily peritoneal dialysis for 8 hours each day

6)Coronary artery disease resulting in triple by pass surgery

7)3 cardiac stints

8)Obstructive sleep apnea

The Dr merely asked me to pull my underwear down and lay on the table where he initiated my 1st injection. Once that was done we were asked to wait in another room where a couple of Doctors individually visited us discussing various topics including checking on my semi erection. Note this semi-erection in the office was never hard enough for penetration.

This went on for about 45 minutes and during this time Dr ????? explained how proven this method is and he suggested we purchase 160 doses for $3000.00. We ended up choosing to pay 800.00 for 20 doses. We left the office with positive feelings that we had found the solution to my 10+ years of ED.

After experiencing 3 very painful injections at home, I started analyzing my experience with BMG and realized the Dr never asked about my health, nor did he ask to see my medication list. I do remember telling the Dr about my Type 2 diabetes and my stage 5 kidney failure and his response was to sell me a Wave Session, which I was told breaks down plaque and restores and heals organs back to health.

As indicated above my girlfriend injected me 3 times with NO RESULTS, just pain. Frustrated I made a 2nd appointment with Dr ???? and was told I was too nervous and too anxious and was told about the Dancing, Walking and Church again. This frustrated me and the Dr realized this and began to get firm with me in front of my girlfriend. In fact, early on in the 2nd meeting I explained that maybe my girlfriend was injecting in the wrong area. I explained the pain and the Dr immediately TOLD me to not say this in front of her….

He went on to correct me stating “ How do you think she feels hearing she hurt you, don’t say this in front of her. I leaned over to my girlfriend and asked her is I offended her and she stated… Nope I am good.

The Dr continued stating that I was nervous and anxious and to try again over the holidays 3 times a week then come back to see him after Christmas. I felt like I was getting the run around and the Dr was not concerned about my health and how I was struggling with the whole BMG process. Very bad bed side manors.

We left and the injection the Dr gave me did absolutely nothing other than increase the sensitivity in my penis.

On the way home, I asked my girlfriend what she thought and she confirmed my feelings-- BMG and the Dr are stringing us along. This medicine does not work for me, or at least I have not been injected with the proper medicine or amount.

I am writing for relief. I request a change in Doctors and offices and finding the right medicine and dose or refunding the $800.00 I spent with BMG.

Last – I became so frustrated with this experience, I threw away the $800.00 worth of medicine on December 23, 2018, Photos available for proof.

Please consider my situation and respond by calling my cell phone ASAP.



Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Doctor at all.

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