I went to the BMG in December 2006. The doctor tested me and then I was given an injection which gave me the hardest erection I have had in years.

I was then taken in to see the "sales consultant" who was very pleasant and told me the cost of the medication. Sure it was expensive abot $700 for 6 months supply but it was the best $700 I have spent. I highly recommend the BMG to anyone with ED problems. They deliver EXACTLY what they promise and they are in business to make money.

All medical clinics and doctors are in business to make money. Their treatment works better than viagra, cialis or any other pill.

I find it sad that people can just write a complaint about a service yet remain annonymous and people believe it.

My advice is if you have ED and can afford their services the BMG is a great clinic. Once you have used their treatment successfully you will be a patient forever.

It is simply amazing what the treatment does for your sex life.

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GO to your DR and ask for TRI MIX. BMG are crooks.

This same mediacation will cost you 1/10th the price from a compounding pharmacy. DONT GIVE THESE GUYS ANOTHER DIME.


Boston Medical injections vs Viagra,Cialis,Levitra & side effects vs safety


I rarely comment on anything but have to with BMG I am 62, single and for over 3 years have not been able to get a HO even with viagra and cialis only a partial HO I have lossed several great women because of my lack of ability to perform.I went to BMG received fantastic treatment and for the first time in 3 years had a ROCK HARD erection. I have used it for over 6 months and NEVER have to worry about not performing.

Sex now is like I am 25 years old again and when you can do it 2 times in 1 hour even better, expensive, yes but I'd pay twice for the pleasure that I now enjoy. The best part now is I don't have to use it every time


I went to the Boston Medical Group. The doctor gave me the injection, and the resulting erection was so hard that it was painful. I didn't want to really start the treatments, but with the doctor's assurance that all would be ok if I took a lower dose, and the closer who got my wife hooked in, I went along.

When I got home, I check with my pharmacy to see if the same drug was available; it was, for about (with my ins. co-pay) 10% of Boston's cost; Boston flat-out lied to me when they said that the drug was only available through them.

I was also surprised that the Boston doc did not check my blood pressure at the beginning of the exam (I've never been to a doctor who didn't), nor did he describe other possible causes of my problem, like low-testosterone (which, I found out later, was my problem). Surprised at the lackluster exam, and information provided, I checked the doctor through the California Medical Board, and found out that his license was not even current! I called Boston, advised them of my dissatisfaction (and the fact that their doc had neglected to renew his license), and they told me to bring the remaining drug back for a full refund.

If you have erectile dysfunction, I'd suggest you see your family doctor or a urologist, and stay away from Boston Medical Group.


Does anyone know of any reason why someone would spend 10,000 dollars on these meds from boston med group? i was told that the price of each injection was 100 dollars and that my husband bought 100 of them.

these were not used for our relationship. i was wondering if anyone out there would know of any other reason to buy so much of this stuff? would you sell it on the street?

would you need it for *** or if your doing drugs? i cannot comprehend spending that much on ed injections..

Corolla, North Carolina, United States #24153

I read a lot complaints about Boston Medical Groups treatment for premature ejac. and I decided to take a different path, and I had been to more than one urologist who said that there was nothing they could do for me.

I found a urologist in Denver however, who will write off label prescriptions. He gave me a prescription for paroxetine 20 mg. I can take one to one and a half tablets a day.

After a week of taking it, it made a tremendous difference for me and my wife. The best part $4.00 for a months supply.

Boroughbridge, England, United Kingdom #22156

borntobe - hi, i also live in seattle; can you tell me more of the prescription that you were given, i can not deduce based on the abbreviation used. is this an oral pill? or does it involve giving yourself a shot,,,,been there done that and didnt like it.

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #15904

I went to the Seattle office and recieved "reasonable" treatment. I did find the BMG medication to be very effective, however expensive.

Contrary to BMG's recommendation, I have been using it for over two years with no bad results. Due to the cost, I consulted with my MD. and was referred to a local urologist, where I recieved a VERY good prescription for "papav/phentol/pge-1" for under $90. Because it was a referrell from my MD., my insurance paid for the visit.

Not the prescription! Forget BMG! Go to your Dr.

and see a local urologist. Much cheaper and refilles are about $90.

Vance, South Carolina, United States #8791

I was a little reluctant to go into a Boston Medical Group clinic because of some of the negative blogs that I read online, but I found that like anything, only the really angry people come online to leave reviews.

Boston Medical Group has an office here in Seattle that I visited and I was pretty impressed with the confidential waiting room and also the credibility of the doctor. He told me he was a urologist that had undergone special training to administer these kinds of treatments and he was very patient. I was reassured also that the treatment was "localized" and that it wouldn't affect any of the other medications I was taking.

The consultation was only $200 to go in for about 2 hours and do a series of tests, and the results are certainly worth it in my book.

Middleport, Ohio, United States #7142

I had a very similar experience at Boston Medical Group. My primary doctor wouldn't give me any of the traditional drugs because of the severity of some of my health problems (which apparently, they aggrivate).

The treatment was Boston Medical Group cured my ED and improved my realtionship with my wife. It was a little more expensive but very much worth it

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