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Sleazy, is how I would put it. The ones who post positive must be written by the company.

I don't know were to begin!! . I'm surprised they are still in business 'cos they lie from beginning to end. Everything that has been said previously I have also experienced.

I went a few times and hated every visit. Every person I dealt with was rude and unprofessional. They always ask you for the money every time upfront. They even tried to charge me $100 to inspect my *** for scaring.

That was the last straw ( scaring is a serious and inevitable side effect) Please Please do not waste your money there are alternatives.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I wish people wodlun't use answers to link to their own website.First of all: In the UK there are many aggregator' websites comparing car insurance premiums they charge the insurer for any policy placed with them so that the insurer gets no cost advantage and the customer finds they have bought a policy through a middleman (the website) that will be of no benefit to them should they need help.To a lesser extent buying through an insurance company online is similar. They don't pay a broker or middleman but they certainly pay a lot more to advertise on TV and in the press.

If you have a problem with their service then who will you call to help you?If you buy through an insurance broker (i.e.

someone who is an agent for many companies) then not only do they do the running around for you at renewal, they also act on your behalf should you have any queries in the adminstration of your policy or if you need to make a claim.Think of the difference in prices as an annual fee that the broker charges for this service then imagine you asked a lawyer or an accountant to look after your legal or financial matters. Which professional is offering the best value for money?


I don't know what to make of the comments. My experience was bad.

Overpriced service for a sub-par product. Listen guys, BMG just wants to fleece you for your money. BMG was sued for $10 MILLION a couple years back for their sleazy practices.

Why risk your money? The Altamonte BMG is terrible and no exception.


I read these reviews and no one offered any clear examples, seems like SPAM to me, but i decided to go anyway. I heard about a free doctors visit and thought i had nothing to lose.

the experience was ok, not the best i have ever had at a doctor. the place looked a little run down but the doctor was nice. he gave me the injection thing in the office and after a few minutes it didn't work, but after about 15 minutes it started to do something.

so far its been working pretty good, still takes a few minutes to get results but its 100% better than my condition was a few months ago. no harm in trying these guys is its a free office visit, otherwise look around and do some research :grin


I work for Olympia Compounding Pharmacy in Orlando, and we make the same medication that The Boston Medical Group sells to their patients. I can tell you from out patients experience with the medication it absolutely DOES work. I am not sure how The Boston Group runs their business or how much they charge but any doctor can write a prescription for the medication and its MUCH less expensive that the pills like Viagra, Cialis, etc


You should try National male medical clinics, they are the best

Woodland Park, New Jersey, United States #213732

I am a long time user of the Boston Medical groups treatment. I am a prostate cancer survivor and it has helped me tremendously!

I have visit two of their clinics and have been treated professionally and respectfully each and every time I visited.

I don't know what you are talking about! Good luck with your ED issues!


If you can get th drug elsewhere, go for it. BMG doctors are all sleeze, their offices sleezy, and their approach to service sleezy.

One really has to suspend all sense of self respect to go to one of these back-office massage parlors (you'll know what I mean after you get "serviced"). For best experience, learn to speak Hindi.


Has anyone tried PA mens clinic? I'm curious about their results.

I called them and they said that the initial visit is $199.00.

Doses are 17 to $19.00 each. They also said that you don't have to buy a set numer of doses, i.e you can purchase 10 instead of a six month supply.

to Joeray Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States #659672

Yes, I was sold a years supply and told Medicare would most likely pay half. HaHaHa what a sucker I was.

The shot was effective but the stuff I received at home must have been bad or too strong. I suffered a ruptured blood vessel but they didn't want anything to do with me since.


:eek :(


These alternatives you write about where can I find them.Thank you. I was just about to set up an app with boston medical group.

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