BMG has absolutely given me a new life. I am 41 and have had serious ED problems since and including college days.

I had almost entirely checked out of the dating scene for 25 years due to the ED. I had actually come to believe i would never get married because of it. BMG has solved my problem very well, and am now dating regularly, with fantastic sexual results. Best money i have ever spent.

It has made me love life again. Yes, you actually inject your *** w medicine, but it does not hurt at all and can be done at any point in the sexual process. You can actually do it and not have the woman know, but it gives such good results, i don't even mind them knowing. You may tend to stay hard for some time after sex, so the truth is better than you having to make up some BS about why that is.


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I am very confused at the conflicting reviews of Boston. Does it work?

Is this injections into the top of the *** or thru the skin? I am trying to decide what direction to go as the regular pills, Levitra, and Viagra have stopped working.

I have also read two very negative comments about Los Angeles Male Clinic. Anybody had any experience with them?


PLEASE GO SEE YOUR DR they can get you the same tri mix for $100 or so. Most compound pharmacys can make this for you at 1/10th of the cost.

Please dont support these crooks that are taking advantage of us guys with ED.

These guys are crooks.

Yes they will give you a hard %$#$ but they charge way too much. ED is stressfull enough with out the high cost of tri-mix from these jockers.


I am 56 on medication for 10 years for Bipolar disorder. These meds took a very active and fulfilling sex life to ZERO.

I took the normal ED Pills but I am prone to severe headaches and had to stop. I have been on the BMG program for 3 years and though the costs are a part of ones consideration the results are repeatedly fantastic. I take 30cc of formula 2 and average between 2 1/2 to 3 hours every time.

My wife's of 35 years who didn't know about the treatment for the first year continually tells me she never believed our love life could be more exciting and fulfilling. The pressure is off of the both of us and we can just enjoy and enjoy.


I am 65 had prostrate cancer and see implantation which was successful but

had big problems with ed tried all the pills, about 20% successful, but id get real red, flush and headaches. went to BMG, was real apprehensive, however every thing worked very pleased, little expensive but no side effects, so very very plased and wife is smiling.


i did the medical yesterday injected with a dose of 20 ( scale 1 ) had a great erection for over one hour , am going back next week to pay balance ( $ 950 aud ) get some instruction and collect product. i am looking forward to trying with my wife ( without her knowledge ).

if it is not good i will certaily write back here and let you know the reasons why. if you dont here back from me you know where i will be.

wish me luck. 51 year old.

Wakefield, Louisiana, United States #22184

For me, it was a matter of vanity as oppossed to necessity.

I have no problems with my wife, but she and I are swingers. This stuff comes in great for those nights. yes, it is pricey, but you can extend your supply by not using it every other day. I get shortest supply and it lasts me a whole year. Well worth the $500 (might be more now) for countless nights of great sex.

I keep reading that you can get the same thing from the pharmacy for a lot cheaper. If anyone has info on it, that would be great.

Vance, South Carolina, United States #14176

Thank God for this medicine!!! I had tried everything before finally choosing to go to Boston.

I have been married for 27 years and forunately do not have to hide it. My wife has never been happier, honestly.

I was never able to do what I can now, even when I was a young man. Very impressed, thank you Boston Group!

Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States #11317


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